Why won't he look at me?

I'm 17 and have just recently gone into my final year at high school. I have noticed this boy who I think is really cute, he is kind of shy but has a couple of friends who are girls and he is regularly talking to them. Across rooms we have made eye contact quite a few times but I'm shy so I always look away. He is in one of my classes so today we were split into groups of 5, it was me and 4 other boys I don't know, including the cute boy. He was happily joking the whole time we were in the groups but when it came to talking to me, he did not look me in the eye once. Even though before it at lunch we looked at each other twice across the lunch hall. I don't even know him so what could I have possibly done to offend him or make him do this? Or maybe I'm just over thinking things? Ps I have hardly

any experience with boys.


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  • Maybe since you never talk to him and are always looking away, he thinks you are avoiding him or have an issue with him... it's probably some unspoken misunderstanding like that. You should just pluck up some courage and start a conversation with him, and see how things go from there.

    Or, maybe he likes you and doesn't know how to act or how to show it. Either way, if you want to be friends with this guy (or more), just show him that you're friendly and interested.


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