I never see girls with the same body type as me? How do I dress casually?

I am kind of getting frustrated because I never find girls with the same body type as me so finding clothes that fit perfectly or finding flattering practical outfits is very difficult for me. I'm 5"2' and about 130-134 lbs most girls with similar measurements usually have thinner legs and a bit of a tummy or are normal sized with a tiny bit of chubbiness. I have a thin waist, flat stomach (which I damn well earned considering the amount of sit ups I do), medium bust (B-C cup), short muscular legs, noticeably wider hips and a big but, over all I'm fairly tone I'm a US size 5-6 in jeans and a 4-6 in tops, I'd like to lose about 5-10 pounds though. Have you ever seen anyone with this body? Or have any cute but comfy ideas on how to dress it? At the moment I wear 3 inch heels all the time and it isn't practical but I feel anything else makes me look ill proportioned, so please help?


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  • Omg that's what so many girls look like at my high school :) just wear tight jeans and a tight shirt, they always manage to look great. That's really common where I live :)


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