Can you define justice?

I know it seems like most of my questions have nothing to do with dating but I've been wondering, what is justice? It's something that many people have pondered throughout history but do we really know what true justice is? Is justice taking the law into your own hands? Is it an eye for an eye? What do you all think?


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  • It comes down to equity be it eye for an eye or the cost of a new car or the dollar amount of your last raise or many other permutations. If you're looking for a really in depth look at justice and are up for some not-so-light reading, check out what Aristotle had to say about justice. It's book V.



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  • It's an eye for an eye, as in the offender has to pay a price proportionally equal or greater than the victim

  • Justice is a word deluded people use for revenge.

    • There is a very limited definition of justice I would accept, but I don't concern myself with the word. I'm not interested in making people pay for crimes. I want to prevent them.

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