Why are you guys always looking at our butts when we pass by?

I know its sortof a mutual thing at times and I'd appreciate an honest response. What is it about our butts that draws so much attention? Confession time please so fess up dudes.


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  • What kind of question is this? You guys were tight pants and short shirts, so your asses always stick out, how are we not supposed to look?

    And what the hell do you mean it's mutual :/ when do girls check out guys asses, I've never seen a group of girls watching a guy walk by.

    so it's confession time for YOU :)


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  • Where waiting to finally catch a girl farting. They are also interesting because of the thickness of fleash they remind us of how being powerful and in charge should feel. I sometimes forget the girl and miss her butt?

  • Not much to confess. We simply like to admire the female body from the front and back. Try watching our eyes closely as you approach next time. Then you can return here and ask why we're always looking at your chest as you pass by.

  • Because I want to imagine my hot dog in your buns. And it requires focus to be properly deposited in my spank bank.

  • Once again it is all about biology. Men look at butts and like bigger ones because that indicates that you have wide hips which are good for child bearing.


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