The most interesting/beautiful female haircut?

what's the most interesting/beautiful haircut that you've ever seen on a girl? now I'm not asking you if you like long/short/brown/blonde hair,i'm not asking you to tell me what you like on girls,i'm just asking you-what's a haircut that really impressed you,made the girl look unique,and beautiful at the same time? pics if possible,if you saw it on a random girl-please describe it.


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  • Honestly, as a guy, I don't notice hair much more than how long and what color it is. My eyes tend to stay drawn to a few other body parts especially if I just met the person.

    Hair doesn't impress me and the most beautiful hair IMO is natural looking (normally brown) plain old straight hair.

    I had an ex girlfriend with multi colored hair that she would spike up at times. People would look at her like she was crazy when she did this but I got a kick out of some of their reactions. No I didn't particularly like her hair but meh.

    Hope this helps!


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  • I like natural, slightly curly/wavy, long hair. No tampering with scissors.

    • you know,you suck at reading lol ''i'm not asking you to tell me what you like on girls'' now,please answer again,properly.

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    • lol no,i don't really do much with my hair,and I don't plan on doing much with my hair,this is just a Q to see how peoples minds work,and it's inspired by a friend with green hair,i just want to see if people really think that colored hairstyles/emo hairstyles are still considered to be unique even tho everybody has them now

    • No not even remotely. I may consider some people with them attractive, but the haircuts themselves are so overdone it hurts. Thankfully I'm not around teenyboppers much.

  • I like the pixie/elfin haircut. Short, combed forward, close the scalp.

    Sort of like this : link

    • really? that's surprising considering that most men dislike short hair on girls,they consider it ''masculine'',it's refreshing to see that someone has the balls to say that he likes something not traditionally feminine on a woman without the fear of being called gay.

    • Pft. I've been called worse just today and its not even the weekend yet.

  • Honestly, unique is generally bad from a guy standpoint. For me, a lot of what a girl does withher hair reflects her personality. A girl who takes care of her hair takes care of herself. A girl who dyes her hair (talking about a born brunette keeping it always blond) shows that she is not comfortable with he hair. To me, a girl's natural hair, no matter what color, is better than anything dyed. It shows that you have confidence in yourself! To me, the best haircut is just a normal long one, but I guess you could do short if it works (haven't seen many good ones, but they are out there). To me, the worst things you can do are: shave your head (makes everybody think that you are a cancer patient), have it blatantly non-symmetric (a little is OK, like one side of the bangs being longer). But not much more. Also, really bright color streaks are just kind of a pet peeve for me.

    To sum it up, for me, natural and normal is better.


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  • link

    Zooey deschannel has prettiest hair on the whole damn planet

    • but do you think you'd notice her in a crowd?

  • Sometimes girls who wear their hair in spikes and then color it like green or something, that is pretty cool. I also like layers that are noticeable and straight on a girl.

  • I think pixie cuts are absolutely amazing IF the girl can pull it off.


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