Why aren't I good for enough anyone?

So I have been having this problem for quite a while. Every time I like a guy, and we're getting into the stages of going out, he sees one of my friends and completely changes his mind. All of my friends are very pretty, and even though people tell me different, I'm completely average.

Whenever we go out, I'm usually approached first so the cuter guys will have better chances with my friends. Or I'm not approached at all because either I look too young or I don't look the way they want me too. And then when me and a guy are getting somewhere, he would meet a friend of mine, and then try to get with her because there's always something they have that I don't seem to. It's gotten to the point where I don't even tell my friends when I'm interested or dating someone because I know that if I can't get them to actually like me first, I'm going to get kicked to the curb so he can get with one of them.

In one incident, this guy settled on liking me because he couldn't be with my friend, and he would still try to get her to like him.

Why does this keep happening? I'm not ugly and my body has decent curves...I'm smart and funny. What's wrong with me?


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  • Sounds like there is nothing wrong with you. You sound like a very fun and sweet person to be around, and the fact that you are asking this only proves my earlier statement as a fact. I would guess that the problem is not you but is the type of guys you are trying to get with. Most girls/women go for the "bad" boys but this doesn't sound like the type of person you should be going for. I would suggest a couple of things... Okay this may sound kind of weird but First off be completely honest with the person you are interested in...let him know that your girlfriends are very pretty and fun to be around but at the same time maybe try and let the guy know their faults...looks are not everything to most guys even tho that is THE stereotype about us. Most guys would prefer a decent looking woman with an amazing personality, honest and fun to be around than just have a complete hottie. the 2nd thing you may want to try is to try and date a guy that doesn't look as good as you...what I mean by that is if you are with someone that know that you could better looks wise that person is so much less likely to leave you. I hope this helps and don't get discouraged you will find the right person out there, fall in love and live a very happy life.


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