Things I want to feel?

In high school I was never the girl guys went after or considered attractive. In fact there were only about 2 guys that did consider me attractive. I thought maybe when I went to college things would be different, but they aren't. I without a doubt am aware that I'm not the hottest thing out there, but it just feels like someone has to think I'm cute enough to want to look at. I just really want to feel attractive.

I'm 5' 3.5" I weigh 135 lbs (it really is mostly muscle) my measurement are: 37"- 28"-40". My bra size is 36A, and I'm pear shaped.

lol. Like I said not the hottest thing out, but what do you think?

Girls everyone has off days, what do you do to make yourself feel like you look attractive.

I hope this makes since. Sorry if it doesn't.


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  • Posting your stats won't matter even a little bit, because guys don't think that way.

    Ask how many guys can tell you if they know what Scarlett Johannson looks like. It'll be a high percentage.

    Then ask those guys if they can guys a single measurement about her. Cup size, weight, height, bra size, whatever. Most of them won't have a clue.

    Post some pics of yourself if you really want to know what guys think. Statistics don't matter.

    • This answer should be mandatory for all girls to read when they join this site.

      Save the measurements for your tailor.

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  • Gee, yesterday you said you were dating a guy for 3 years and had a healthy intimate life.


    I wonder which one was bullcrap?

  • in my opinion there is guys that like you but they are shy or you are shy. you have to try and the moves yourself. the reason those girls get guys is because they are easy to get into bed so don't feel bad. if you are shy then use a dating site like okcupid or plentyoffish since they are free


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