Okay how do you tell the difference between the two different kinds of eye contact?

How do you tell the difference between polite, friendly eye contact between people and "I'm really attracted to you and wouldn't mind getting to know you" eye contact?


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  • Man, if I give out all my secrets . . . lol, no, just kidding.

    The difference: when I slightly tilt my head and my eyebrows are off center just a little bit, and there's a subtle look of curiosity in my eye's and my voice gets a little lower, and softer when I speak (and maybe a slight smile, too) - It's the "I'm attracted to you stare.

    Otherwise I'd be quick to smile and just give out a "hey" and not think about it. that's the friendly stare.

    • Hmmm...interesting. thanks.

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  • ive learned any type of staring for longer than 3 seconds or if it continues all the time when you see that one person, it is definitely the IM ATTRACTED TO YOU type.

    staring isn't polite at all.it can only mean eye candy, checking out, attraction.all my guy friends told me this, when I asked em before too.

    if a guy respects you and is polite, he should drop his gaze.same goes for a grl.we naturally drop our gaze to be well mannered and polite.but once those eyes are spark lit and you can't help it.it can only mean one thing ;]

    • Is it possible they could just be being friendly? Or no? Especially if they are a friendly type of person.

  • i think comparing the two types of looks would tell you the difference.

    see the how your friend looks, and how a guy who has a crush on you looks !

    and it would make the difference obvious.

    "guys would look deep in your eyes to know what is your inside feelings toward them if they are attracted, and give like a passing by look if they are just looking for no reason"

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