What do all guys want girls to know?

I mean what do all guys wish you could just tell girls? You wear too much make up? You really are fat? Do you care if a girls thighs are a little too big? Do you really only stare at her boobs? Do you listen when she talks? What are turn ons and turn offs?


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  • WOw awesome question :).

    Ya, I listen when women talk. Really, Even if I do check you out cause your hot or w/e I still "Pay attention" to what a women says. I "value" their input.

    Boobs aren't a biggy to me. Although "honestly" Very "rarely" I do find myself craving a C cup ? Not a D or DD but a nice C. That's rare though for me because I am more of a A$$ guy. As long as a girl has a nice butt I'm game :).

    I've wanted to tell girl's they where fat Oh ya. I have a couple of times oops. my bad. sorry. Infact I wanted to tell a girl just tonight that she had a little tummy chub starting from her depo shot. Although it was kinda cute. Like not "alot" but a lil. I don't know it's weird I know but true.. But I kinda have a crush on her. So I didn't say nothing because I think she is highly attractive anyhow, personality wise, and looks wise still. A little baby fat isn't a mood, or deal breaker, a gut is. ;).

    Oh ya, girls wear all too much makup heck ya. It annoys me. I really "hate it" when they cover up their frekels they are so Cute just leave them, they make me want you more :). Provided there not overly crazy like light to medium frekels are so Cute! Too many girls see makeup and think, "i have to wear it" because every other girl does and if I dont' I'm being "left behind." When in reality 50 percent of them have more than enough "natural beauty" that they can get away with not even wearing it, and personally I think some of them look "better" if they don't. What get's me is it's like am I doing you or your makup? Am I going out with you or the plastic fake person you make yourself up to be. That's what get's me. I mean us guy's can tell when a girl cakes that garbage on. We know your hiding stuff. So why bother? Most of the time we can still tell what your hidding too. So.. I don't get it.. Sorry.

    Turn on's? Mine are really weird.

    I'm a very very different guy when it comes to turn on's. I like to be put down. Why IDK? But for some reason? It works for me. I'm way different I like SPH.. Don't know what it is google it, that is a turn on for me I don't know why? Weird but I guess idk? Whatever works I guess... lol.

    Honesty Remember. You asked. Please remember that. No harm intended here.

    Turn off's.

    Fat women/girls.

    Mean girls except in bed, then the meaner the wilder the better anything goes.

    Cocky girls, that think I should lick their feet for some reason? Just because they have something I "have to have" in their mind's? They annoy me. Cause they neglect to realize there are more women on this planet than men and there is more where you came from... So I'd say selfish, self centered women annoy me.

    Girls that make sex a war game of when and how often to say no, but then "expect" me to give them "financial Stability" in return? Maybe if a girl was "open" and fun, I'd be more Liable and "want" to provide those things, because we could see eye to eye. Which mean's shed be worth my time


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  • I don't know if these apply to all guys, but these are the things I wish I could tell girls:

    -You're beautiful the way you are.

    -You're not an object, don't behave as if you were.

    -I like you for you, not just because you're beautiful.

    -There are lots of jerks out there, but we aren't all that way.

    -The "friend zone" is torment, please stop it.

    -Stop wearing Uggs. I'm sick of seeing 9 pairs of Uggs in a group of 10 girls.

    -It doesn't matter to me what you wear because to me you will be beautiful.

    -You don't always have to match.

    -Eat what you want, I'm not going to judge you.

    -I stare at your face more than any other part of you.

    -Don't lead me on.

    -Instead of not responding, tell me "No." or "Yes." even if it will hurt me.

    -Don't lie to me.

    -Don't talk to me about your ex unless you will allow me to try and help with your issues or you're complimenting me.

    -If you're mad, tell me why. I can't fix what I don't know is wrong.

    -You don't always have to wear make up. In fact, you're just as beautiful without it.

    -I listen to what you say, and I remember more than you think.

    -I can get hurt too, and I don't like it.

    -I want you to be happy.

    -Sex is not my ultimate goal.

    -I value your opinion very highly.

    -I will love any gift you give me.

    -Say what you mean. I'm not a mind-reader.

    -I like to cuddle too, and it doesn't mean I want to have sex with you.

    -A hug is enough to keep me happy for a day; a peck on the cheek: a week, a kiss: a month, and spending time with you: forever.

    Probably some more things that I can't think of just now but there you go.

    • Oh, and don't say "I love you." unless you mean it. It can be very painful if it's misinterpreted.

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    • Awhh! I laughed at the Ugg one. I'm a girl and I'm sick of girls wearing the same pair every single day! :) You seem like a nice guy!

  • there's way too much to say here, but I'll try and say the most important things.

    1. guys are not emotional! they don't want to cuddle after sex, they don't care about romance or anything! that's not to say we don't like you, its just we're not needy (for lack of a better word)

    2. if you wear cleavage or a pushup bra or something, DO NOT get mad when we look at your boobs, its your fault.

    3. DO NOT play games when dating! Girls make things complicated enough, and when a girl is playing too hard to get, or she's just too confusing or something, I will leave. its a turn off. It's not worth my time to try and figure all this junk out. its dumb

    4. There's lots of dumb questions girls ask, then they get mad at the guy for being honest. If you don't want to know, don't ask! examples of bad questions are: am I fat? is she hot? would you have sex with a way hot, but mean/jerky girl? do you fantasize about lesbians?

    Those are probably the very top 4 things I would wanna say to the entire female population if I could.

    • Hahahaha.

      That is so blunt and so hilarous!

      But yeah, I get what you mean. That stuff is very true on us girls part.

      Thank you!

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    • If this is opinion then I wouldn't say all guys are not emotional. I've known a lot of emotional guys.

    • I've known some emotional guys

  • I guess most guys would agree on this point that the greatest sticking point for guys is walking upto some girl and letting her know that you like her without feeling intimidated. Yup that's something difficult. lol. And I wish it were easier.

  • 1. Just becuse one guy is an asshole. doesn't mean they all are.

    2. Please don't lie.

    3. (same thing justme2008 said)

    yea. those are the big ones.

  • In my case, right at the particular moment. I wish I could tell her to be more open with her feelings, even if she hates me.

  • some guys (myself included) are clueless and\or have a very hard time approaching girls\women.give the nice guys a chance we'll make sure you are/feel protected when the time comes

  • We want to say your flaws when you fire at us but we don't want too because we care about you a lot. Some guys do it but they are just **Sholes. No I did not say that just to protect my pride when I am wrong, and no I am not in denial. Cheers :)

  • I would like girls to know, Make up doesn't make them look better... and that by changing the color of your hair it only works for 1/10th of the girls that do it.

  • i wish I could tell gurls that I want them to have a fat ass!

  • we love big boob big ass good hygen's good looking smart and kind and trustworthy that's all we look for.


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  • (pretend I'm a man)

    1. Just because I don't show emotions like you, doesn't mean I don't feel emotions.

    2. Just because I love sex, doesn't mean I only love you for sex.

    3. Just because I love sex, doesn't mean I'll love you if you have sex with me.

    4. You are not as ugly as you think you are.