Edgy preppy or Abercrombie?

I know what you're thinking. "Ugh" or something along those lines. Point is, I've always been a jeans & t-shirt kinda guy. Plain tees, white some blue jeans, and some sneakers. I've decided that I want to re-invent my style, and I'm wondering which route to take. I could go the more edgy preppy route. Wear some non-blue jeans (black, grey) v-necks, cardigans, etc. Or I could go a more cliche but loved route of just A&F shirts, plaids, blue jeans or cargo shorts, converse etc. Hopefully you kind of get the picture. And if it matters, I'm in good shape, so it's not like I'm some fatass trying to rock A&F. So, ladies and gentlemen; opinions & ideas?
And please don't mention to try and dress like a skater, or like goth. Not my style.


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  • Raulph lauren :)

    • Polos are the sh*t. I think that would go under both categories, so I got ya man ;) lmfao

    • I hav a f***ing collevtion of at least 40. They are so awesome snd mever go out of style

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  • So I'm guessing a band tee is out of the question then. Ummm I would say edgy preppy, too many Abercrombie addicts out there already :)

  • Edgy. Definitely edgy. And wear skinny jeans too :)

    • Haha no, skinny jeans are not for me. I'm a big 6'2 muscular dude. Skinny jeans are a no no.

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  • dont change your style to the style everyone else has.

    try and make a habbit of wearing things you don't ever see anyone else wearing

    • But I like these types of clothes? I'm not going to go dress up like lady gaga.

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    • Completely understand you man. But I'm curious, what do you wear? if you don't mind me asking?

    • jeans whatever fits, but shirts I try and find brands that not many peple wear, or at least don't wear where I live. nothing pisses me off more thatn seeing someone else with the same shirt as me "unless its a band shirt"

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