Why does she still keep looking at me?

She has a boyfriend. I'll admit I like her but since she has a boyfriend I backed off I ignore her sometimes when she's looking at me but when ever we do look at each other it's always in the eyes.


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  • Frankly- I only look at people or objects that interest me, I've experienced this myself with a guy that I work with, all I can say is that I am highly attracted to him, more so than I have ever been with any guy I've met before him, so much so that when he looks me in the eyes I get drawn in somehow, like the rest of the room just disappears. All I want to do in that moment is walk up to him and kiss him passionately, then I suddenly realize there's a room full of people surrounding me and then I get all embarrassed and can't speak to him- its really awkward. For a while, months in fact, he gave me eye contact back, gradually started to speak to me occasionally, but that's as far as it went. I did invite him to meet up in the holidays via e-mail along with my number but he never replied or called. Now we both just avoid giving each other eye contact. I assume he was just looking back because I caught his eye and he was wondering what I was thinking- I don't know, but I know for me it was my uncontrollable attraction to him that made me act that way, it wasn't just a physical attraction, I liked everything about this guy- still do, but from his failure to act upon the invite to hang out outside of work I know for sure he's not interested in me at all, despite his previous behavior suggesting otherwise.


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  • she's probably looking at you because you're looking at her


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