I don't know if I'm good looking or not?

I've had many people in my life tell me I'm beautiful. My mothers friends, teachers, strangers, friends, etc. But I just don't believe it anymore. About a year and a half ago some guy (from online not in real life) started saying how since my face isn't symmetrical I'm only average and my breasts will be the key to finding a man. Ever since then I can't help but think... What If that's true? Every time I'm actually feeling good about myself and think I look decent his words ring in the back of my head and I feel hopeless. Also I posted pictures about 2 years ago on Yahoo answers asking what they thought of me (just for "fun") and a lot of the people said I was average.

Lately I've been going over what people have said to me and their actions and I just can't help but wonder if these people are lying. I have guys talk to me online all the time but again I don't know if its my breasts or my whole self face included. I have extremely low self esteem now probably the lowest it's ever been and when someone tells me I'm attractive it makes me feel horrible and I end up fighting them on it or just not believing it.

I guess my question is should I believe everyone who tells me I'm pretty and beautiful in real life who have actually seen me or the people on the Internet who say I'm average ( the symmetrical guy and Yahoo answers people) or the guys who talk to me online who might just be after my womanly parts. In real life I've had many many guys ask me out but when I talked to a few guys (online) they say that the really pretty girls never get asked out... So then I think here we go plain Jane once again.

My mom tells me I'm beautiful and I say of course you think that you're my mom but she says no, everyone she knows says I am and even if she wasn't my mother would think that. But then... I think what If she's just telling me this to boost my ego? I'm at a loss, I just want to be pretty :/.

I know this is kind of a silly question... sorry. I just am at a loss and would greatly appreciate your answers. Thanks!
I am 17 years old by the way If it makes any difference.


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  • 1. Different people find different things attractive. There will always be people who think you're attractive and people who think you aren't. It also depends on what reference a person is using when judging attractiveness.. a girl could be the prettiest girl in her school, but if the people judging her attractiveness are using, say, celebrities as their reference of attractiveness, she might be average compared to most celebrities.

    2. Average doesn't mean ugly. Most people are average. There's nothing wrong with being average.

    3. Pictures aren't the best way to judge someone's attractiveness. A picture is just a moment in time and often people pose for pictures---they miss a lot of other aspects that can make a person attractive---the way they carry themselves, their personality, etc. and they also miss the fluidity of your movements (i.e. if someone took a picture of you laughing, it might catch you at an awkward moment; but someone who is looking at you in person would see the whole moment and be thinking, "Wow, she has a beautiful smile.").

    • 1. Not true, most people will agree that Jessica Alba is attractive. So no, there are people who almost everyone finds attractive although there might be a couple people who don't agree. But only a couple.

      2. No, average is ugly. .

      3. That is true.

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    • I agree that rating people is stupid, what I was trying to get across is the fact that if you asked two people their opinion on someone's attractiveness, one might say they're sort of attractive and the other might say they're very attractive. We don't all view attractiveness the same.

    • yes I know. But what I am saying is that most people can agree on an attractive person being attractive. i.e. Jessica Alba.

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  • Honestly we have no idea what you look like so we can't give an opinion.

    Everybody wants to be pretty, but there are more important things in life. Don't focus so much on looks, because although it matters, its not the only thing.

    • Thanks that doesn't answer my question though.

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    • LOL I said earlier I don't believe in rating women. Saying someone is a "10" is more of a saying than a rating. No one is perfect so how can anyone be a 10/10?

      I really don't appreciate you suggesting I'm immature for that. I've been trying to give you a little advice and give my opinion on your question and I have listened and responded to everything you've asked. I'll leave it at that.

    • Good, no. You misunderstood. I said rating women is immature not you. You actually seem to be very mature which I greatly appreciate.

  • I guess you just have to believe in yourself girl, It's all in your mind. when you think that you're not, then all the man out there would see you exactly like you think. But if you think that you're pretty, then all the man out there would see you exactly like you think. What I mean is, you just got confident problem girl, that's all it is. Don't lose it.

    • i love how you call me girl lol. thanks.

  • Most 17 year old girls look good. As for an asymmetrical face :

    I quote:"bilateral symmetry does not constitute a principle

    factor in beauty assessment."

    Source: Hessamian: h--p:--//dwz.psych.ucla.edu/ZaidelHessamianSymmetryJournal.pdf : link

    • You're 65 and think most 17 year old girls look good? that's disgusting. And no they don't, you must just be looking at their body which if is the case I don't care what you have to say then.

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    • Question Asker, here you'll find what you want: link try it out instead of biatching at answerers.

    • um f*** no. that site is disgusting and you must be delusional to think a person would want to go on that site. I asked this question and you aren't getting it I went anon specifically for the reason of not wanting people to comment on my looks. jeez.

  • "should I believe everyone who tells me I'm pretty and beautiful in real life who have actually seen me or the people on the Internet who say I'm average ( the symmetrical guy and Yahoo answers people) or the guys who talk to me online who might just be after my womanly parts."

    You answer your own question here. Why listen to people on the Internet who have only seen pictures? Pictures are a moment frozen in time, and that can be flattering or not so flattering. People will pick out the slightest flaws, even with someone who's amazingly beautiful. Also, people online say whatever they want, whether or not it's correct.

    Really, the only people in your life who should matter are your *real* family and friends and yourself. Be confident with who you are, and guys will flock to you no matter what.

    • Nice thanks, but I don't want guys to flock to me no matter what. I want them to find me beautiful.

    • And I don't really have much family. My grandfather is really shallow and superficial and makes me feel ugly all the time.

  • well some people look better in are eal life than photos and vice versa, so that might be the mix up and different opinions other people have about the way you look

    • I think almost everyone looks better in person.

    • Well then you answered your own question lol

  • I didn't read all this but upload one picture so we can see. I don't know if I am looking good or not too tell me that also :)

    • I'm not uploading any pictures.

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    • Q.A. you're asking for it

    • nope I went anonymous exactly for this reason. because I don't want people giving their opinions on my looks. If I wanted that I would of not went anonymous and asked am I attractive or not? which I didn't do. You're not understanding my question.

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  • So far I hear your friends, your family, online people, random strangers, etc... But what about YOU? what is YOUR opinion of your own looks?

    • Well sometimes I look in the mirror and I think I look pretty... but then I go back to what that man said about my face not being symmetrica and only average and then I just feel ugly all over again.

  • Their is no definition of what outside beauty is, everybody has their own definition and opinion on what they think is beautiful.

    For example my brother thinks Angelina Jolie is ugly, I think she's beautiful. See we all have our OWN different definition on what we think is beautiful.

    • Yeah but there are people that almost everyone will agree is attractive like Jessica Alba. So yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder to a certain extent.

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    • You're not exactly true though so...

    • but it's pretty true.

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