Appropriate dress for a woman to wear in the workplace environment?

What type of clothing do you think is appropriate for a female in the work environment? Say it is business attire code, no denim, a formal environment so a little nicer than business casual but no suits required.

How much skin do you think is appropriate to be showing?

1) What kind of neckline is appropriate (how high or low)

2) What length should a girl's skirt be?

3) What kind of shoes?

4) Shortest appropriate sleeve length?

5) Do you think pantyhose are a necessity when it is the heat of the summer?

6) Skirts, or dress pants?

7) What do you think is the most attractive workplace outfit? (example-skirt suit, pantsuit, pencil skirt with a button down shirt, formal dress, etc)

If you work, what do you usually wear and what kind of environment do you work in? Where do you work, if you don't want to say, how dressy is it?


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  • LOL this is like the dress code for my private school :)

    1) should be no lower than the tops of your boobs

    2) no more than 2 inches above the knee

    3) heels less than 3 inch. pumps or flats are good. don't buy any shoes showing your foot unless its small like peep toes or slingbacks

    4)basically the shortest you can do this kind of sleeve: link but make sure its classy. no boobage if you're doing those kinds of sleeves. you can also do some kind of blazer that matches the dress if its any straps thinner than that

    5) it depends. tights are very professional and proper, if you're starting new I say use them the first day and see who is or isn't wearing them. you'll have to choose wisely.

    6) skirts in the spring and summer, tailored pants in the fall and winter

    7) I think either (black pencil skirt with a tailored blouse) or (regular skirt with a sleeveless shirt (the kind on the dress linked above and a blazer) both with black pumps that have a reasonable heel.

    I work at school. LOL. Well I basically have to dress as if I work in a freaking like law firm. it's very proper. I wear black flats, a black pencil skirt, and either a button down (sometimes with a vneck sweater and roll the cuffs 3x over the sweater sleeve) or a cami/tank top and a cardigan or blazer.


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  • I would go to

    they have work clothes for girls

    and I love slacks and a button down =)


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  • my school has a business casual dress code so

    1. only a hint of cleavage is ok

    2. it should be an inch or two above the knee ( see classical pencil skirts)

    3. No sneakers, flip flops or anything that is opened toed, classic heels work best but others are fine

    4. Sleeveless is allowed in my school but not spaghetti straps like the straps should be 2 inches at least

    5. No and pantyhose is not mandatory

    6. Both work well

    7. White frilly blouse a black pencil skirt and classic heels

  • I would say, because I have to be in business dress every day, that kind of low neckline would be okay, but don't have a lot of clevage. the skirt,no more than 6 inches above the knee, but lower would probably be better. Really any shoes, as long as they don't look like you borrowed them from a hooker or something. I would say don't go spaghetti strap or strapless. Just like a broad strapped tanktop style sleeve would be fine, that comes almost to the end of the shoulder. Pantyhose are not needed, especially in the summer. as for the type of skirt/pants, wear whatever you think looks good on you. if you don't like pencil skirts, don't wear them. If you want to wear dress pants, go for it. just don't wear skirts/pants that are too tight. I hope this helps you.

  • i think these are appropriate




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