Guys, what do your rooms look like?

i want to know how guys live, common interests and behavious when it comes to styling your room and private stuff.

do you have posters? favorite bands?

sexual stuff?

where do you keep your porn magazines and such?

Do you wear boxers or briefs? do you have a seperate drawer for them?

details! I find men fascinating


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  • I don't have many posters except for an American flag and one of the Chicago skyline and one of Wane Gretzky that I keep forgetting to take down. No bands or sexual stuff.

    I don't have any porn magazines, just some copies of First Freedom and Otaku USA that I keep on a bookshelf made of milk crates. The shelf also holds most of my books and Cds.

    I could never be comfortable in boxers. I keep my underwear in the same drawer that I cram most of my stuff in.

    For details my room has a bunch of plants in the window (some are so big they're on chairs) and there is a sheet hanging between them and the rest of the room so they can get light while I sleep (I'm usually a night shift person).

    I have a stereo by my bed with the speakers set up on either side with wooden monks on top of them. My laptop is on a board with the right speaker. On one side of the room is an old desk that used to have a sewing machine in it. Next to it is another shelf made of milk crates that holds a lot of videos. In the corner is my TV an top of my dresser.

    Above all of this I have a series of ropes, chains, and strings that I hang stuff from. Right now it's covered in Christmas decorations. Here is a picture of what it looked like over a year ago:


    (I hope that works.) It's a lot better looking now but that should give you a general idea. You can also see in the bottom left some art I did years ago.

    On the inside of my door I have a large yellow sign that says "CAUTION Masks and/or costumes MUST BE WORN IN THIS AREA" Hanging from my closet door is a old chandelier with several old necklace chains and things on it.

    That's a good portion of what my room is like. If I went into every little detail I might bore you. Oh also there is Rupert in my room. His picture is my icon. :)


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  • I have a few posters on my right wall with the same wall with mt tv, its pretty much my entertainment wall haha, the wall with the window have my book she'll not many book but cds and movies it also havr the head of my bed and dresser with my cloth and underwear

    I usually wear briefs (tighty whities), and if there arnt any cles boxer-briefs I have one pair of boxers for use when I want to sleep in undiess while friends are over don't want them to see my family jewels.

    I have a few magizines but pretty much just rowling stones or AP music realated thing love music, I plat a lot of music pretty much piano and drums,

    I keep most of my porn on a junk drive under home work, don't want porn on my computer anyone can just come in and look at it, I rather them not haha,


  • For me, my room is quite tidy.

    On my walls I have framed posters of videogames/bands.
    My favourite bands are pop-punk bands such as The Story So Far and Real Friends.
    I have a lot of music related stuff on show, such as my 12" records.

    I have a couple of those magazines... they stay hidden in a folder and aren't easily spotted.

    Boxers every time, with a separate drawer (I also keep condoms in there...)

  • I have one poster in my room of a show I like, I don't have anything sexual hanging posters of chicks no Playboy calenders or whatever. I actually don't own any porn magazines.oddly enough! I wear boxers and I keep all my clothes in one drawer

    As for the room can be messy at times, I do have a TV as well as a PS2, not much else to say about my room

    Hope this helps ya!

  • Men are not all that complicated at all. Porn goes on computer nowadays.maybe Playboy that's it. Boxers in a underwear drawer. Posters are for teens "I hang art on my wall".


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