If I'm attractive then why am I not? SO CONFUSED!!! XO

OK I've heard it every time I ask "what can I do to improve my looks" here is what I get back:

"You look fine"

"Your not bad looking"

"get confidence"

"don't care what they say"


Yet some girls still say ew when they see me and hardly any one I actually meet will say I am. I don't want the bull sh*t people give me like what's up there^.
Ok I'm still not getting advice I'm geting the same bs I showed ontop if you don't have actual advice please don't answer!
Ive heard a lot about going to the gym I can bench 130 its not to bad considering I'm 135 pounds so does it not look like I have muscle?


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  • If you want advice from a high school girl?

    Grow out your hair to a medium-short length and gel it up (example) : link

    The girls at my school dig stuff like that.

    and any clothing on this site is gold, seriously: link

    Girls around that age are very materialistic. Girls like it when guys look like they've tried to look good every morning, just like the girls do every morning to look pretty for guys. You can't just pick up some clothes off your bedroom floor and throw them on every morning like you couldn't care less. I'm not saying you do that but to some girls it looks like it.

    • I don't :P and I don't use anything that shows the name brand that's just tacky you should be able to tell quality by looking at it.

    • If you can find shirts like they have on that site you should be good. It doesn't have to have a brand name on it but like guys, girls are very visual too and when they see a brand name they know they will feel like they have more in common with you.

      But, yeah, snug fit long sleeve tees are really big with all the popular people in Canada because winter is coming and such. Tees like that just make your shoulders look broader, and broad shoulders are hot. (:

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  • If I'm atractive then why am I not?

    How did you get attractive from looking fine & not bad looking? If anything you should have gotten that you're not ugly. Not ugly /= attractive.

    At best you;re plain and bland which is why hardly any one you will actually say you're attractive.

    As for the girls saying ew that's immaturity or they see plain as ugly.

    • ok so how do I not look plain or bland but still keep a Euro American look?

    • The only thing you can work on is your body and clothes and some girls may still be able to strip away the decor and see plain.

  • Ok OK are you crazy in my opinion you look extremelu cute ! It maybe just the girls around you diferent people have diferent taste some girls are gonna think your hot others won't that's just how it is ~ but really in the end its personality that wins hot guy and a hole personality is a no no :) hope I helped !

    • yes but I still don't like it when gals say ew at the sight of me :(

    • Still its pretty much useless for everyone to like you I learned you have to live with it and lots of girls are really shallow ~ just be yourself not what everyone wants you to be sides no one is perfect we all have flaws and when you love someone you love them and there flaws those make you well you lol :)

  • I'm unsure what your exact question is but the obvious answer is some people will be attracted to you and some won't. That is how it goes.

  • I'm not saying you have a bad personality or anything, but something along those lines might be it because an attractive guy seems less attractive to me if he's a snob.

  • I would say to grow your hair out a little, try getting some muscle from the gym annnnnd wear dress shirts with rolled up sleeves a lot :)

  • You're still young and you will grow into your looks, you're not an ugly guy. Just go with that.

  • You look grand. But if you want things to improve your appearance I'll tell you.

    * For one your forehead is a little big. It's not huge or anything but a garentee if you had a slightly longer haircut and kind of a sidebang type thing you'd look better cos it would balance out the proportions of your face.

    * You could whiten your teeth if they look bad/get braces.

    * Get some good quality ''cool'' clothes.

    * Work on your body at the gym.

    * Wipe the ''I'm a douche don't talk to me'' look off your face.


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  • I think you're talking to the wrong crowd man. Try looking for mature chicks.

    • hey budy what I say about bull?

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    • He's just telling you the truth, girls on here are very immature and some won't even give you on how to "look" good. Take it or leave it.

    • Ok but its not on here there saying ew and please I hate when people but in on things like this it just escalates

  • Number one... Most women like older guys... I got hit on like five times as much once I hit 30. But I can tell you some hints that help.

    1) Dress like a man... Wear nice clothes... All women like well dressed men

    2) If you meet a girl make sure you look in her eyes and show her your listening

    3) Ask questions about her... If she gives a good answer compliment her (every woman loves a compliment)

    4) learn to like your self... This is hardest but no one will like you if you don't...

    After almost 20 years of chasing women this is what I know... I know kinda sad huh? :)

  • Those girls probably speak out of jealousy.


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