What would you rate her?

I mean this in the sense that what would you rate the girl that you said was the following out of 10.

What if you said she was:







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  • cute: 7/8 (This could also apply to behavior, so while a gal may not be an 8, she could behave/do cute things, say cute things, which would bring her to be an 8)

    hot: 9 (Purely on a physical level, hot disregards personality)

    beautiful: 8/9

    pretty: 7

    gorgeous: 10 (Factors in personality. This is the highest compliment I could pay to someone, IMO, because the person would have to be beautiful physically, but her personality would also factor in, in other words, someone with a horrible personality or disposition could never be gorgeous, IMO. Personality + beauty = gorgeous)


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  • gorgeous is a 10. Beautiful can also be a 10, I usually say gorgeous when she's a 10, pretty and cute are 9 but can be 10. Hot is completely different, it just means that I want to f*** her, I don't think girls should take being called hot as a compliment, unless you like being slutty.

  • I hate rating on a number system but here is a guess:

    cute- 8 or 9

    hot - 8

    beautiful - 10

    pretty- 8 or 9

    gorgeous - 9

    When I use any of those terms the girl is very attractive to me.

  • -5-7






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