I feel myself slipping, how do I stop my freefall and regain hope?

Being a somewhat critical person, I have to be more than willing to critique myself. My body language and attitude as of late have been poor. I just don't feel the swagger or confidence that I'm supposed to feel now that I'm doing something with my life. Most importantly of all, I seem to be losing sight of hope.

My rants are long and bitter. My patience is worn. I feel the hate manifesting itself into my persona, and it's disturbing. As much as I loathe to admit, this has to do with girls.

I've been reading into a lot of what girls post on this site. We all have preferences and that's totally fine. I just seem to be on the wrong end of every deal. I don't feel like I'm man enough for anyone.

Tie that in with the fact I'm currently single, and things aren't looking too rosy.

How do I get over this? This isn't me. I want to get over this because it's pathetic but I honestly don't have an answer.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Keep in mind that this site only contains about 5 thousand or so users - there are 6 billion people in the world, so opinions on here aren't great statistic.

    Often the opinions on here vary - so don't take one person's truth as your own.

    There are a bajillion factors that compile when it comes to finding a date and dating - the most annoying one being fate - which forces you to wait till that one specific moment in time for when you meet someone.

    Your young, you have youth, vitality, ambition, doing something with your life - and many many many many many years to find that girl.

    DO NOT beat yourself up so much - I honestly believe that's the biggest obstacle in your way right now. What you force yourself to believe becomes your reality; start telling yourself that your a good looking confident guy, with a lot to offer any lucky girl.

    I know the waiting period sucks, but patience is a virtue - an annoying virtue lol, but a virtue nonetheless.

    Plus you seem like the type of guy with some good standards, and it's difficult to find too many people who fit good standards at our age -

    So don't fret about it. It's only a matter of time. Don't be afraid to try talking to a girl every now and then, and keep in mind your a stud.

    And hey, I've been rejected a few times, it sucks, but whatever - you just got to shake it off and keep yourself together.

    Don't let those hollow detrimental thoughts get you down.


What Guys Said 1

  • Of course you have the answer. Your mind is just stopping you because of some fears. We can all agree on what's hot and what's not, but there's always hope. It's the fear of rejection and the insecurities that make us feel unworthy. Thus, we put ourselves down and don't even try because we assume that we have no shot in the first place. If a man can go on the moon, if a bunch of farmers can defeat the greatest army in the world, then, you, an average joe, can aquire a girl. You hate yourself because your expectations of yourself are too high. It's important to realize all of the things that you have done and be proud of those things. It is unreasonable to say that since you don't look like a celebrity, you deserve to be alone. There's one thing that you can do or change: attitude. Just talk to girls and actually listen. Sooner or later, you will find a girl who will overlook your "insecurities" and appreciate who you are.


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