Guys: How should girls dress?

Guys, do you really like the fact that girls are dressing like they do? the tiny shorts, tops that don't cover anything? Or would you rather that girls covered up a bit? not like wearing turtleneck shirts and sweatpants, but not all the cleavage and tiny skirts? I've heard that girls can be more attractive to guys when they cover up and leave the guys with some imagination, they like mystery, but is this really true? All input is welcome, please.

Okay, I guess I should have clarified a bit. The girls around where I live are pretty bad about dressing like that. And I wasn't saying that guys do or don't like it. I was asking because I wanted to know what guys thought about it. Girls usually dress like that to have guys stare at them, so I just was asking if you guys thought that girls should cover up more, or that they should keep dressing how they are.


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  • I honestly don't really care. I think a girl should balance. She can't cover up all the time, because that gives me the impression she doesn't want anyone to be attracted by her. And that's something I have a problem with, sorry. I don't want anything to do with a girl who doesn't want me or any other guy to be attracted to her, unless she just wants to be my friend.

    If a girl wants to show off her body - even if it's my girlfriend - I also don't have a problem with that. And now I'm going to knock off some common misconceptions that A LOT of girls seem to make. Here it is:



    Now that THAT'S out of the way, I'm going to try and explain what DOES make us think a girl is slutty. It's how you act. It's the taking hundreds of pictures of yourself to post on your website for everyone to see. It's the making out with anyone who hits on you.

    Personally, I also think girls who exaggerate on the make up, tend to loo slutty as well. Too much lipstick, or fake eye-lashes, or excessive eye-shadow... it's just gross and makes me think you want to get paid for sex. But if you have on NO make up at all, with some jeans and a white tank top, I'm not going to think you're a slut - I'll just think you're hot if you have a nice body, and that's that.

    The only reason girls think other girls are sluts is because they lack the self-confidence and/or guts to show off their own bodies, and now that those kind of girls get more attention from guys, and so they think it's unfair and decide to make them feel bad by calling them names. *sigh* Women need to grow up sometimes.


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  • Do you honestly think all guys like girls who dress like skanks? And do you really think the majority of girls dress llike that?

  • only about half the amount of girls or less dress like that.

  • I think there's a balance between being a tramp and a nun. Showing some cleavage is hot if it isn't down to your nipples and you aren't wearing a skirt or shorts up to your ass with it. A skirt that is short enough to show your legs without showing your ass can be sexy. To me, belly shirts are always trashy and never okay. It's about the right balance. I like to stick with flaunt one feature at a time. If you are showing off those legs don't show a lot of boobage. If you are showing off the boobs, don't go shorter than mid thigh with the bottoms.

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