Would you find me trashy?

Sorry, its kinda long but please be brutally honest. I just want to know the truth about what people's general first impressions of me would be.

Now, I'm not going to upload any pictures because I think it's sketchy. But I will tell you what I look like/what I wear.


On an average day I will wear a zip up jacket either zipped to my belly button or not zipped at all. Almost every day I will wear a low cut shirt or deep v-neck underneath the jacket with regular jeans. Some have holes, some don't but I don't wear skinny jeans because they don't flaunt my curves as well. I also don't wear shorts because I'm extremely self-conscious about my legs. I don't always wear a push-up bra but it's not uncommon for me to wear one either. Sometimes my boobs are at a slight rise and other times they are pushed up pretty severely. And you can tell because I usually wear low cut shirts, as I said before. My shoes are usually just flip flops. But if I'm feeling pretty I might put on a pair of 3-inch wedges. Other times it's just converse.


My hair is usually down and strait but it's naturally curly so sometimes I leave it like that. I don't tease it or use a curling iron or anything. Just a flat iron. On an occasional bad hair day I put it up. But unless they are pinned up with Bobby pins, my side swept Bangs are always down.


The only makeup I wear is eye makeup and I'm rather adventurous with it. Some days I only wear mascara. Most days I wear eyeliner, usually lining my entire eye and it can be in a variety of colors from white, to sparkly silver, to black, to green, to purple, to turquoise, to navy, to orange, to light blue. It depends on my mood and the colors I'm wearing. I even mix the colors sometimes. Many days I go all out and do a smoky eye which I'm really good at with light pinks and dark grays and all around black lining. If I don't do a smokey eye I will probably just put on some black eyeliner on both eyelids (I line my water line a.k.a. the inside of the bottom eyelid touching the eye) I don't put makeup on underneath my bottom lashes because it looks like too much. I have very big eyes with dark, full lashes so no matter how much makeup I put on, it looks like a lot more. My cheeks and lips are also naturally rosy so it looks like I'm wearing blush and lipstick.

It's okay to be truthful. Go ahead and say what you think I would look like if you just saw me walking some where or talking to someone. If you need to know more info just ask and I'll post an update.

Thanks guys!


Most Helpful Guy

  • Basically, I'm coming away with: your boobs are out a lot.

    Is that trashy? Perhaps, but not necessarily. Trashy is more than just that, and it just seem to me like you like to show them off a bit. As long as you don't mind the extra attention that this is bound to cause (with some of it likely to be negative), then it's no big deal.

    Obviously, there are times when it isn't appropriate to dress this way, but day-to-day, it's not that big a deal. IMO, it's not something you need to spend a lot of time worrying about.

    • I don't really worry about it I'm just curious. I think I've got fantastic boobs and I like other people to agree. I infact welcome the attention. Some of it is bad which isn't appreciated but most of it just boosts my confidence. :)

    • Then no problem. You are fully aware of what you're doing, and fully accept the consequences, good and bad, without complaint. IMO, that's about as good as it gets.

      And I'm sure most of the guys around you appreciate that you share some views of those fantastic boobs...

    • Hahaha well I hope so. I think everyone should enjoy them as much as I do! (; Bahahahahha I just wanted to know what people think when they see a girl walking around who relates to how I described myself.

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  • I doubt it. I can't really go off all these words. I need a picture.


What Girls Said 2

  • i'm having a hard time getting a visual I also would need to see it but it doesn't sound that bad

  • i don't really care and I doubt anyone else do either. people are too into themselves to care about others. wear what you feel comfortable in

    • I didn't really think people would care I just wanted to know if anyone would answer and if they would be able to describe their first impression of me. Everybody wonders what people think about them, even if they don't care.

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