What really dictates beauty?

There are all these media influences that make people think you have to look a certain way. There's also the golden ratio that make's some of the most "beautiful" people in the world so "beautiful". But I think of the golden ratio as mathematical beauty, for example, most models in fact nearly all of them closely fit the golden ratio but not all of them to me are particularly beautiful. In fact, compared to a "normal" person, I don't think they'd stand a chance. Also, there are a lot of celebrities who are considered some of the most beautiful in the world that are way off the golden ratio. So if a mathematical equation doesn't dictate beauty, what does?

I know everyone has their own opinion and own perception, but what makes you look at someone and find them attractive or not so attractive. Can you be attractive with a slightly asymmetrical face (I know no ones is symmetrical, but I mean more than the norm.) Can you be beautiful without the stereotypical favorite features (plumper lips, big eyes, small nose, proportional body etc, etc.)

And finally, guys and girls, what makes you rate say, one person a 9 and another a 4? I'm looking for your personal preferences. I'm talking solely about looks here, but you may include what you like about personality too.

Personally, in guys I like big blue eyes, strong jaw, nice lips (not too thin not too thick), a slightly upturned nose that's not too big or small, prominent cheekbones, I prefer paler skin but definitely don't dislike guys with darker skin, darker hair, a toned skinny look to their body, big hands and arms and all that jazz. I guess you can say I like a more masculine look to a guy, but I'm not so fussing that I only want guys like this. Look at Jared Leto and Jake Gyllenhall and you might see what I mean.

Just to let you know, I'm not someone who thinks she's super pretty or ugly, tbf I'd say I'm average or a little bit below but I don't really know. I have average to large (because I'm not sure) eyes, with a small nose and pouty lips but a width wise, I have a small mouth. I have wide cheek bones, one more prominent than the other due to an accident, and my chin is tapered and sticks out a little (damn). Oh and my eyes are dark brown. So yeah, average.

So go ahead I'm really interested in what people have to say, and sorry this post is so long haha


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  • I personally think people's preferences are shaped by our culture more than they'd like to admit. We see so many images and advertisements of the beauty ideal on a daily basis, it's bound to affect what we actually think is beautiful, especially if we don't analyze the images and come up with our OWN opinions.

    Some of it is simply biology. Guys want a girl who is feminine and healthy, but the media also influences what we consider to be feminine and healthy. For example, a few centuries ago, fat was revered because it meant you were wealthy enough to not starve. And smooth, shaven skin became a "must" in the 1920's, when advertisements started only showing women with shaved legs. So now, if you don't shave, you're not considered feminine.

    Anyway, I certainly think people with asymmetry and unique features can be attractive. It may not be "traditional" attractiveness, but to some people, unconventional is even more beautiful. For example, my personal preference for men isn't muscular or stereotypically masculine, I like a guy who looks more gentle and nonaggressive. My taste in women is very curvy, probably what some people would call fat. I'm not sure if my preferences are just a psychological rebellion against beauty ideals, but regardless, they're still truly my own.


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  • It'd take a while to write and a lot of research to understand. Try to lose the obsession with people that are more beautiful than you are.


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  • the media has always portrayed white women as the penacle of beauty. Which I find ridiculous because ethnic women (especially latino women) are gorgeous too.

  • economy, media, culture.


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