What clothing stores to look for to change my wardrobe? People in college; help me out?

I've always been a more "dressy" kind of guy (Express Men is my favorite store). I like wearing polos, leather jackets, jeans, nice sneakers, cardigans, etc. (Hopefully you get the picture). But I'm going off to college soon, and I'm not sure that style will exactly roll well. It's not like I wanna be a poser, but I don't wanna stick out like a sore thumb either. So what I need help from you guys is some suggestions as to what stores to start looking at to perhaps change my wardrobe. And it's not like I don;t mind looking more casual, on the contrary I would have no problem with it, I'm just curious as to what brands or stores (both clothes and shoes) are famous among typical, chill, college guys.


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  • Let me tell you something. As a freshman, you are probably right, that style won't fit in well. But if you are majoring in something serious, like business or engineering (I don't count premed as serious because doctors get to wear pj's, scrubs, to work so style does not affect them even tho they are very serious) You will actually begin to not fit in if you DONT dress like that.

    In my accounting 301 class, the unwritten, unexpressed dress code is business casual. someone fully suited would fit in just fine. someone wearing baggy ripped jeans and a death metal hoodie would stand out in a bad way.

    However, I am also taking Musicology 141, and it is like walking over to the bad part of town. If you are dressed up you look strange.

    Basically, it depends on your major how you should dress. Serious majors tend to dress up more than say.. music majors.

    (Disclaimer, this is not a crap on the libral arts, but seriously, if I want to get a job as a public accountant then I gotta look neat and orderly. if I want to get a job as a musician, or activist, or language teacher, there's just not the same requirement.)

    • My major will be cinematography and video production. Nothing business-y or engineery-y for me. haha.

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    • Regarding your comment on wearing a turtle neck and skinny jeans.. no. I'm not gay. I wasn't aware that wedding videographers showed up to the event in skinny jeans and a turtle neck.

    • haha I wasn't calling you gay, you can be straight and dress like that. That is just how I picture a director dressing. It wasn't meant to offend

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  • dude just wear whatever you want! It's just school and there are going to be thousands of other people walking around; they're not all going to have the same style so I'm sure there's no particular style you should be adhering to to fit in. Especially if you have class at 8 or 9 in the morning, no one cares what you're wearing


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  • I've got to congratulate you; Express is a great shop!


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