Do guys find it weird if a girl loves cars and other guy stuff?

Do guys find it weird if a girl loves cars? I adore cars...specifically antique cars and muscle cars. If I had money to burn, I'd use it to buy a few muscle cars. I also love baseball, fishing, shooting, eating steak, etc. Do guys find that weird, or is it okay?


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  • Nope love it. You & baby (that's my car) would get along just fine.

    Gotta love those HEMI cars form the 60's Although,

    My favorite would be a 65 GTO tri power with 4 on the floor.(of course) Love to see you dump the clutch in that monster.

    Followed by almost any MOPAR. How about a GTX?

    Baseball is good, very good.

    Fishing? Will you bait the hook for me & take that monster off the hook & release it for me?

    Shooting? Umm, do you get mad easily? Are you a good shot? Do I need to worry? I may be a little uncomfortable with you & a 9 in the house.

    Steak. Mhh good. Me likes steak. can you start a fire & cook a steak cowboy style?

    • Mmm...Those are hot cars. My favorite is the Dodge Charger. I love the '69 because of the General Lee. :) The newer Chargers just make me angry because they've changed the body of the car so much. Dodge Challengers are crazy hot, and I love almost any Chevy Camaro...late 70s are pretty hot and even the newest are great.

      Baseball. :)

      Yes, I'm totally fine with worms and fish. haha

      I'm not crazy...promise. I just love the feeling of power I get when I'm a range. ;)

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    • Did you ever watch College girls softball?

      If you did then you know why.

    • Yeah, they're tough. :)

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