What do they mean when asking questions about my style?

while I'm at work more then often girls will ask me questions randomly while I ring them out.( I'm a cashier) like what does my tattoo say, how long did it take to grow my hair, do I die my hair, am I wearing contacts, etc. or they'll say I have cute hair, or gorgeous eyes, or say my lip ring is cute etc...should I look further into this or should I just let it play off like a normal things.this sounds weird but yea and ill also find girls staring at me alot, and when I look up at them they blush, I know what that normally means but I'm just curious


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  • You don't even have to be curious. It means that you are hot and that they're flirting with you. Are you complaining? :) I thought all guys loved getting attention from girls.

    • no I'm not complaining at all believe me I love it, but when they have there boyfriend standing behind them cracking there knuckles given me a death stare it worries me slightly haha

  • You're interesting and nice to look at, it's just flirting. If you like it then flirt back.


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