Men....What the heck happened in this conversation between two guys?

Imagine two guys are in the same environment with only strangers around them. They know each other and are talking all relaxed and stuff, and

Guy 1: says something about some girl who's there (idk what)

Guy 2: "Yeah." (in an agreeing/im aware already tone of voice)


Guy 2: "The one in the blue dress?" (double checking tone of voice)

Guy 1: "No, the one over there in purple"

Guy 2: "Oh... yeah."

1. Were these two guys likely discussing a hot girl?

2. If so... did Guy 2 find the one in the blue dress attractive and thus thought Guy 1 meant her?


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  • How is there enough info to determine that they are talking about a hot girl? What if the first guys said something demeaning?

    • says the's so obvious if you're a guy, it's second nature and seriously am convinced it's a girl asking this since every guy knows this.

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    • I wasn't saying it was you never even crossed my mind until now lol. Yea guys do talk about ugly girls as well, but 99% of the time they talk about good looking ones. Most guys don't like wasting their time talking about ugly girls. Just saying most likely they thought she was hot.

    • Thanks for clarifying :)

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  • 1. Yes

    2. Yes

    Why do you have a guy's account? only a girl would ask this question

  • Yes, and most likely maybe he didn't see the girl in purple though.

  • Yes... This is very simple not sure why you would ask this lol.


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