Why did one guy smell so good and so bad to me when they sweat?

I am volunteering building houses.

One guy is from England and he smelled so bad to me. I literally had to move.

The other guy is Canadian and he smelled so good to me. He was sweating so much but it smelled so good.

Do I smell good or bad back to the English or Canadian? Like do I smell as good or as bad back to them? I was on the edge about hitting on the Canadian guy. Oh my.


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  • If you do some googling you'll find that there have been studies on this effect. I've read it online somewhere (don't remember where) and also saw it on TV. It's interesting stuff.

    Usually they'll get a bunch of men to work out and take their shirts from them after they're done. They give a group of women the sweaty shirts, instructing them to smell them and rate which ones smelled the best. The women could see the men but they didn't know which man was wearing which shirt. It turns out that, most of the time, the women preferred the smell of the sweat of the guys she was attracted to.

    The explanation they offered was that, women can sense by smell if a man's body is a good biological compliment to her own body. And by biological compliment, I mean that, were they to have children, the combination of their DNA would be most likely to produce a strong, healthy child who would go on to have children of their own and thus sustain the species. For example, if the woman had a weak immune system, she might be attracted to the smell of a man with a strong immune system.

    Interesting, eh?


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  • the education system sure is going down hill


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  • i think guys look good when they are sweating especially when they just got done working out haha! but as for the smell lol not so good well for some guys anyway


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