Why Does He Look At Me A Lot?

My crush looks at me a lot. When I walk into a room he looks at me a few times. If I'm not in his direct view, he discreetly looks over his shoulder.

If I'm talking to him he will make direct eye contact, but won't carry on conversation, but stares at me as he walks away.

If he hears me laugh or talk he might look at me.

Also, almost every guy friend of his looks at me. They seem to be looking right at me, then later he will look at me. Sometimes they laugh/smile, sometimes they have a straight face, and sometimes they look at me then start talking to my crush.

If a guy saw a girl as just a friend would he do this all the time?

Or if a guy had no feelings for a girl would he still do this?

He rarely smiles, he sometimes sits/stands next to me at an event, but won't talk to me. I could be walking right next to him and he just looks down. Sometimes he holds eye contact for 3-5 seconds, but most of the time he looks away. He also catches me looking at him sometimes too.

Does he keep looking at me, just to see if I'm looking at him?


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  • Wow...that's a lot lookin! ha ha but sounds like someone likes you!

    Sounds like he wants you a kinda notice him, but he gets shy and the only way to kinda find out a little about you is by looking at you and listening to you when you talk.

    Maybe you should make a move! That would be cute! ^_^


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