I'm a hardworking girl from a poor family and I dated this rich snobby guy who's lazy as f***!

would you ever think it would work out? I have finished schooling and working a higher paying job than he has and both his parents are professionals but he smokes, drinks and is lazy ass f***. but he always hid that part of him so I dumped him. Do you think that type of relationship would ever work out?


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  • If you're into smoking, drinking, lazy asses, then maybe. Otherwise, no.

  • No, it wouldn't.

    You come from two different walks of life, you know what real life is like, he doesn't. If his parents cut him off at the knees he would litterally die a very slow and undignified death because he doesn't know how to survive, all he knows is how to use money, money is the solution to everything to him.

    You on the other hand are worthy of respect, you worked to get where you are, but he would see it as going through a lot of unnesseary trouble and wonder why you didn't just buy your way into it.

    Yes, I have issues with rich people, but I do not believe they should be taxed a higher percentage rate than anybody else, go figure.


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