Homecoming hair and makeup help?

Okay so my homecoming dress is pink and black. I have brown hair and green eyes. So what color make up would look best for homecoming? Oh and straight hair or curly hair? Thanks :)


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  • Does it really change with what you're wearing? I thought you mostly just want to match to you skin tone.


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  • Rose gold eyeshadow with taupe blended in your crease (loreal infallible in amber rush, Maybelline Color Tattoo in tough as taupe or bad to the bronze), use a peachy pink lip gloss like NYX in creme brule.

  • How long is your hair? and is it naturally curly, wavy, straight?

    • my hairs about half way down my back. its pretty long. its naturally kind of curly but if I do it curly ill actually curl it...

    • I'd curl it and do some kind of half up, half down thing. For the makeup I'd go for pink and gray eye shadows. I wouldn't do too much makeup to where you look like you're melting.

  • Are you emo? I think so...go with your gut.

    • um no I'm not emo...

    • Oh, okay then. I can give you some real advice. (emos make me gag -no pun intended)

      link -this is pretty beautiful, but if your hair is actually like this every day, you'd probably want to go for something different...

      link - shows you don't try too much but it still looks awesome. :)

    • Make up: link - just exchange the brown eye shadow for light gray one. Maybe add some silver glitter near the lash line - as an eyeliner. :)

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