Can red hair be pulled off from a brunette?

I've always loved red hair, and I mean natural red (orange) not the color of stop signs. LOL I was wondering if anyone here (or someone you know) was successful going from brunette to red? Or not and is a bad idea? Would it look weird to have brown eyebrows and eyelashes? Does it fade more then blond does? Just thought I'd see what others thought about it. If I did do this, I would go to a professional for sure. I have blue eyes and pale pale skin with lots of freckles on my arms.

This was the color I was thinking:





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  • Without being rude, most natural redheads can barely pull off the red head let alone those who dye it, especially that color.

    Darker red I'd say you have a better chance of looking decent.

    • Oh, I know it's hard to pull off, no offense taken. Just thought others would think, as I've wondered about it myself for a while. :) Thanks for the input!

  • I think it would look strange for a few reasons,

    1 it will be hard to get that color perfect

    2 make sure your skin isn't too warm toned otherwise you'll look unnatural

    3. you have to change your eyebrows but not so much lashes.

    i don't think its a good idea but its up to you.

    • Yea, I figured the eyebrows would have to change, this would be quite the endeavor for sure. Maybe for kicks and giggles a year or so from now, and find someone who knows how to deal with redheads. Thanks for the input!

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