Why does he always look at me?

we met last year,we became really close really fast, even everyone in the school thought we were dating, we would hold each others hands,hug each others 100 times a day etc...at this time,i used to like someone else and when I told him he got mad...i dunno why..maybe Because he liked me...but now I like him..

but one day, I don't even know why, he was cold with me,when I talked to him on msn,he told me he doesn't wanna talk to me anymore...then he started making fun of me in class,talking sh*t behind my back and everything,then he stopped like few weeks after, and from that day to now, we never talked again,butt I noticed that he always looks at me, and when I look at him,he looks away...even my 2 best friends noticed it! what does it mean? does he still like me,does he miss me,or he just looks at me for no reason...?


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  • He certainly still like you girl. He just don't want to show it.


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