I look baked in the a.m a girl says....

so this girl in my class says I look baked every morning, yet she's high everyday. that makes me worried because I'm scared that my eyes look red and glossy and that's gross. could she just be saying that because her brain isn't fully clear?
im not posting pictures because there's nothing to see, my eyes are blue but the white part is always white, she sayis its because they are almost cat eye like but my eyeas are naturally slightly slanted.


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  • Being tired and stoned can be passed off as one another since the feelings are quite similar. When I was younger and my mum used to ask 'What's wrong with you, are you stoned?!?!' I used to tell her I was tired (and then leave the room :) )

    Have a cup of coffee, tea, red bull in a morning if you feel tired, wake you up, get the stoner girl off your back :p

    • > I used to tell her I was tired

      And she fell for that? Lol :p

      But seriously, wouldn't the body just get used to its morning dose of caffeine, so that after a while QA would be pretty much like she is now, except if she *doesn't* take her morning red bull, she'd look even more tired?

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  • Maybe you're just tired or she doesn't know what she's talking about.

  • why do you care if you looked stoned

    • idk I don't want people to think I'm a pothead or something.

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    • well she's the only one who said it but maybe she just thinks so

    • so a pot head is judgeing you...you should care even less

  • pics

  • I use to work late nights in high school and have to get up early for school. I use to always look baked to. If you are sleep deprived your eyes may be red and partially closed. You may also be moving around a lot slower in the morning. No big deal. Who cares what she thinks.


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