I have a difficult time finding clothes!

most styles are usually to show cleavage. I personally don't care to show my business to the whole world. I'm not ashamed of my body or think it's shameful for someone else. I think fashion designers should be opened minded that not everyone wants to show their body out in public. I'm thin and older, boobs use to be big, losing weight and boobs are getting smaller, which is fine for me.


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  • Just look around for clothes that are in style but have a higher neck line. like turtle necks have been making a comback with the no sleaves. Or you can always wear a scarf or a cute jacket buttoned part way to cover your chest if you feel like your shirt comes down too far. Wearing a cami underneath also helps a lot with this problem.


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  • How about clothes taht are a bit baggy? The most stylish girls at my school aren't showing of their bodys. How about you check out online shops and fashion magazines? There really should be things you like ;)


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