Girls style of flirting.

Now I have several female friends, and half the time I can't tell if they're just friends or slightly flirty or what not?

Don't get me wrong, I'm taken and happy.

But my girlfriend seems to think a lot of girls fancy me/like me

even if they just glace in a particular way at me.

I mean, I agree I notice a lot of girls staring at me/us when we're out,

We're a pretty proud outgoing couple and we do dress a bit O.T.T sometimes, but we like it that way and we both feel good when we're with each other dressed that way.

in a couple that dress O.T.T and are very openly in love, is the guy more desirable and attractive as they/(me) are in a relationship and what not?

I don't know what I'm getting at to be honest :P but try to answer anything you feel's helpful.


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  • Guys who date are somewhat more attractive for the fact that they are taken. :) It means you're open to dating, and girls like to know if you're OK to date.


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