Should I date a very old friend?

I have this guy friend, who I've known for years and use to be really friendly with and used to have a crush on (he doesn't know that!) We just got back in touch after about 4 or 5 years and were still very friendly, I text him everyday!

I went to the cinema with him last week, and he had changed his style so much I didn't find him attractive anymore and he was so not my type! He could look attractive again if I styled him haha!

But should I still go for it and flirt and see if he likes me? he's a really nice guy! I could talk him into his old style LOL!


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  • give it a try. what don't you like about his new style? does he look like a bum? does he look like a homosexual? does he look emo? I'm curious... how would you style him?

    • i don't mind his clothes as much there pretty normal, its his hair style, he had a mohawk (a very very big one)... but he said he was only keeping it for his friends birthday this weekend! I don't know if that's his usual hair style or its usually the way it has always been in the years I've known him! He also has a lot of weird peircing... the tongue one bothers me the most as I hate that lol... he has none on his face! and he has those things the gauge your ears, which I think is terrible haha

    • lol hahaaha I see. he should get rid of the piercings. you are right, the ear things look ridiculous.

    • LOL! Yeah exactly what I'm thinking I can't exactly ask him to get rid of them though lol... when you get to know him he doesn't even seem like the kind of guy that would dress himself like that haha!

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