Belly button piercing

so I got my belly button pierced about 9 months ago and its not deep enough. it was always look the same but its not getting thinner either

should I keep it or should I take it out


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  • I don't get what you're saying, so it sticks out (the ring)? I suggest you buy a new ring. Don't buy a hoop, go for something else like a dangly one. Its not going to get deeper. If you don't like it then I would go and talk to someone who actually knows about piercings (not the person who did yours) and ask them what they suggest. If you take it out and allow it out to close up then it will be awhile before you can get it done again because that has a healing process as well. Also they will probably pierce the other side if that's the case (if you have a top piercing then they'll do a bottom one instead).


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  • if it looks good, unless it gets infected I think it will be okay.

    • ya its fine, its just not deep enough and my body is not rejecting it either

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    • well it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

    • ok thank you :)

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  • It should be fine, but I would suggest talking to the person who did it if your worried about it.


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