Do guys like it when a girl looks them in the eyes?

can you actually feel if she does like you by the way she looks at you?

when you're talking to her and she's always looking you in the eyes with a huge smile on her face, what goes through your mind?

i was talking to a guy I like the other day and he asked me playfully why do you look at me this way? I feel like you know everything about me?

and I was like wtf does he mean :S

is that a good or a bad thing?


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  • in your case, maybe he's just clueless, never had a girl look at him that way or something.

    with me, just last week there was a girl doing this to me and I could actually tell this time that she thought I was attractive from the little smile she was giving me just from me talking to her.

    but yeah, I like the eye contact, its more respectable.

    • so in your opinion it's actually a good thing to hold eye contact with the a guy I like?

      I'm afraid I might seem too desperate or too confident or even be taken advantage of :S

    • just be you girls. if he doesn't like you, then he doesn't deserve you.

      it really is that simple.

  • i like it only if I am into her...maybe he likes you or just pulling your leg

    • pulling my leg? what does that mean? it doesn't sound good :S

    • don't for signs they are sometimes misleading...ask him for a movie or a coffee...a date and you will know if he likes you or not

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