Beautiful girls been hated by other girls. Even they didn't do anything wrong.

Ok I noticed this since I'm in college for the third semester right now.I considered myself as average but I have many beautiful friends.I noticed they been hated more than other unattractive girls.They are kind to me,i don't see any reason for people to hate them.Yeah many guys hit on them but I don't think thts the reason for other girls to hate them.People seem to have sympathy on the unattractive girls,im sorry I don't mean to offense anyone but its obvious.


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  • I think that is true for both genders

    Good looking guys will be hated by some for no reason

    I have a few friends who are very down-to earth and sweet but hated by others because they are rich or very good looking

    • yes and the non good looking one will be liked by people.I don't mean that people should to act bad to them but both are human being who deserve same treatment,

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  • Unfortunately, your observations are true. My observations and some stuff I read supports that. Girls only avoid *physical* violence. They use mental/emotional violence instead.

    My friend is very attractive, and on top of that intelligent and charismatic. Your personality can also make you a target ! She gets attention even when she doesn't try to, and is wearing clotches not exposing anything. Just the stuff she says and how she says it, can overshadow girls who try hard to be noticed. And she is despised by some woman coworkers despite treating them well. We can be friends because we're not in each others' type.


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  • other girls just can not appreciate other person's beauty, because they have this BIG pride and wishes to have all the attention in the world. Ya see, some unattractive woman when they saw a very beautiful woman, that unattractive ones check out on guys if they are looking at this beautiful woman. But hey I'm not talking in general of course. But most of the time, beautiful ladies are just being envied by other people just because they put less effort, but they get more attention.

    • I noticed when girls got lot of attention from guys,other girls started to dislike them,and the girls started to sympathy on the non good looking one.

  • It's out of insecurity and jealousy. If a girl makes you feel ugly just be being around her, you're gonna lash out at her because of your own insecurity. She makes you feel bad so why not try to diss her? It sucks but a lot of girls think that way. People don't really respect ugly people but they do get sympathy and pity on their side.

    • Both are human being so I think both deserve the same treatment.Yes that's wht I mean,i don't understand people tend to have sympathy for ugly people.

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