Guys do you send flowers?

Do you only send a girl flowers if you've done something wrong? Or are you one of the rare guys who sends a girl her favorite flowers after a few dates?

I know every girl would love to receive flowers but from my friends that I've asked it's such a rare thing for them to receive flowers when dating a guy, myself included.
Girls leave your opinions if you would love to get flowers from a guy you're dating on a regular basis.


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  • I picked some wild flowers for my first girlfriend. And I brought a rose every once and a while when I visited another ex.

    I'm planning on making it a regular thing for my next girlfriend, unless she doesn't really care for flowers (there are some girls.)

    I don't want to come home on a random day with flowers and start getting accused.


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  • It's not an everyday thing for me because that would get old but if I'm really serious about her, I would definitely surprise her with her favorite flowers. That's also my style, since doing it on "special occasions" is nice but I think surprising her out of nowhere has more of an impact.

  • I don't send. I give.

  • I send flowers when things are going well. Typically after seeing each other. If there is a problem, I wait until after the problem is solved before sending flowers again. I like them to be associated with good times, not bad. If you start sending them in only the bad times, their underlying meaning changes to a negative.

    • I also send them to celebrate something good. If she gets a promotion, or if she gets back from a long business trip and is stuck in a bland cubicle, the colorful flowers cheer her up.

  • i would never send flowers. I might give them to her personally if we were dating and I thought she was super cool. but certainly not if I did something wrong...when girls do something wrong they usually just wait it out till you forgive them


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