Do men like women with perfect facial features and no freckles?

Women are the worst critics of other women's facial flaws. What do you men think? Is having a perfect face important?


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  • I really do love a pretty face but I don't even believe in a perfect face. Perfect only exists on paper. Facial beauty, or any other kind for that matter, is a subjective thing and guys preferences can vary substantially. Also, I've been very attracted to girls with nice faces who look nothing like each other.

    Yes, a nice face is important to me. Not a "perfect" face but a nice one. And fortunately most girls do have decent faces. Girls whose faces I find unattractive are in the minority.

    And by the way, I like freckles.


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  • Do men like women with perfect facial features an no freckles? What is that even supposed to mean. If guys didn't like women with "perfect" facial features there would be something wrong. Nobody has a perfect face and no guy has standards that high.

    • Pretty much this.

    • I'm grew up around lots of ignorant people. Was ridiculed constantly about my face and body by other kids and ignorant adults.Different generation. I'm Hispanic, believe me when I say that culture can be very harsh when it comes to looks!

    • Let me put it this way, I've know light skinned Cuban girls that had tons of freckles. That was not too attractive. I've know other Spanish girls with a cinnamon tan with a few freckles, and that was hot as hell. I guess it depends on the girl.

  • No, the flaws make you unique or you'll be another Barbie doll.

  • I think a few freckles can make a face more perfect than a clear one. It adds character and uniqueness. I'm not a fan of moles, but freckles can be very adorable.


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