Any tips for field hockey?

I'm just starting and so what supplies should I get and and tips? I know how to play and my school doesn't wear skirts. just shorts so yeah:) thanks


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  • hi hannah:)

    i play field hockey too. the essentials are: a stick, shin guards, cleats(for grass) and running shoes(for turf), mouth guard, a ball or two, and if required, protective goggles/lacrosse type goggles.


    - be sure to stay in shape in the off season. field hockey has a lot of running, so its important to stay healthy and fit year round so you won't be ready to collapse once the season starts up again

    - have protein before practice and drink lots of water!

    - work on your hand/eye! its important!

    - don't overwork yourself! try your best but don't overexert yourself. I did once and got really dizzy and collapsed

    -practice dribbling, hitting, push passes, drives, and shooting often!

    those are just some basic ground rules. hope I helped :)


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