Girls, would you find this haircut more attractive on a guy?

Ive sported short hair for years and years, from a extremely tight buzz cut to maybe an inch 1/2 on top spiked and buzzed sides.

I want to try something different that ladies may take a liking to!

Would you think this length and style is more attractive on a man?


(a more modern version of course)

BTW, I'm 6-2, and built like an NFL lineman.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Considering your body type and all, I would suggest a shorter haircut. A shaved head does sound pretty attractive on most guys, IF they can pull it off (It mostly depends on the person and their individual hair type). Have you ever tried growing your hair out, though? And I really don't like that haircut shown from the link... maybe it's just the guy wearing it. xD But some guys look reeeaaally sexy with longer hair. To me, this is what a man looks like: link


What Guys Said 1

  • Dude keep reppin the buzzcut I love mine I'm 6"4 lol . Wide receiver, split end, fullback... Football players= buzzcut

    • unfortunately my football days are over... 23 and bad back.

    • Well if your a lineman your probably big and I don't see you having a long haircut or anything like that just keep the buzz... Plus you donf have to worry about it

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