He told me that I'm pretty & cute, flirts, asked me out in a way but...

He doesn't say hi to me at the gym :/ He makes me feel like sh*t whenever he does this, he talks to other people but not me. And its not just that, he doesn't look my way sometimes but he sometimes he does. Why does he act this way? He's a trainer btw


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  • I know what you mean, there was a girl at the gym who I met through some friends once and turns out she worked out at the same gym I did. I didn't even notice her but I saw some girl looking me weird. Usually girls don't look at me at all. So I got suspicious.

    Then I realized I had seen her before. I didn't want to disturb her workout so I just went about my business. Later on she called me out on it and I felt bad.

    Another thing is I don't want to chat up too many people because the more people you get friendly with at the gym the most you get disturbed from your workout because they come chat with you.

    Just because I've met a girl before doesn't mean I'm going to go say hi or talk to her somewhere else. She might think I'm hitting on her or that I like her. Or maybe she thinks I'm a douche and will talk for a bit but really wishes I wouldn't interrupt her workout.

    ** So this guy should know it's OK to come and talk to you. how would he know unless you give him the right signals.


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  • because you turned him down, he doesn't want to waste any of his time.

    • but he talks to me, smiles and even texted me once after he was denied...

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    • No. he's hot and cold, sometimes he talks and sometimes he doesn't. He's plain weird

    • he's playing you and it's working

  • You must have done something to him that turned him away from you.


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