Attractive and popular guy staring and smiling at me?

Last week I was standing in the canteen at my school, waiting for my friend. I was standing there alone when I saw this guy standing right in front of me (maybe 1 m away from me). He was facing me and he was looking at me, and our eyes met. At first I just thought it was a coincidence since a attractive and popular guy like him couldn't possible be staring at me!

Another friend of mine comes up to me and while talking with her I kept glancing back at him to see if he was still looking - and of course because I find him quite attractive. He was still looking straight at me, and each time I looked at him, our eyes met and we had eye contact for some seconds before I looked at something else. This happened many times! And he even smiled while having eye contact with me. So now I wonder if it means something at all and what it means.. What does it mean? Why did he do this?


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  • come on really? he looked at you because he likes you, and needed to know if you like him back. it doesn't really matter if you liked him or not. he created attraction by doing this, so your going to kinda like him now lol. girsl can't resist mysterious eye contact and smiles...fact of life

    • how come he doesn't just come and talk to me? If not face to face, he could just do it over Facebook..afterall, I added him this Monday and he accepted it, but he've done nothing. and yeah, it's true that I kind of like him a little after this

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    • well that's what I would do anyways lol. wait if you want I guess...ultimately its your decision, but I wouldn't think about him too much if you can help it. talk to other guys and be friendly and stuff like that. show him that your a girl who doesn't wait around for ppl. this will hopefully convince him to take some initiative and contact you

    • ah, okay.. I'll wait for him to contact me, if he's ever going to do that.. I'm not popular or super attractive, so I'm afraid to be rejected and later be made fun of, if you know what I mean. I see him everyday at school so if he wants, he'll do it, right? and if I'm lucky I might even be able to see him at a party, which would be so much easier for us both I think

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  • it means he likes you, why didn't you talk to him.

    • I didn't talk to him because I'm kind of shy and I didn't even know if it meant anything.. He's handsome and popular too, and I'm like a nobody..

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    • <3 it's too bad you're anon or I would like to add you. :)

    • I'll add you now, so you'll know who I am :)

  • Sounds creeperish as helll

    • it wasn't creepy, it was kind of cute! but I found it weird though..

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