How can I become a better gentelman?

Ok, so when I'm out ANYWHERE (home, school, mall etc) I try to be a good young man, I hold the door open for ladies I try my best to be respectful and I never talk down to girls even when they can be bitchy. Most of the time the girls say "thank you" when I hold open the door, but others dont... How can I improve in being a good gentleman. (clothes, hair styles, attitude...) I don't where saggy pants becouse its stupid to me, I'm not loud, I don't cause trouble. I'm a quiet 16yr old guy. One more thing, do girls like "good guys or bad guys?) My friends call me a good guy, because I treat wemon with respect. Byy :)


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  • You seem like a really sweet guy.

    And for a 16y/o guy to already behaving in such a way, you are kilometers ahead of the rest of the immature children your age.

    I don't know if you could "improve" you seem pretty perfect.

    I like good guys, meaning guys who are selfless, confident, with morals, successful, with ambition, with feelings, with intelligence and common sense.

    Bad guys are just a waste of my time, and my time is too precious to waste, I deserve better.

    Good on ya mate!


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  • NICE,I WOULD love to find someone like you.

    Good guy.


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  • Keep up the good work man. If you want to become a better gentleman, I recommend this site. link

  • Insist she stand on the side of pavement away from the cars. Its a convenient excuse to touch her.

  • You are boring, dull and uninteresting to women.


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