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I'm really confused about the way I feel towards this one guy. I don't know if its an obession or if I truly like him. We've known each other for almost a year now. I didn't fall for him the first time we meet, nor the second time but I guess he had already fallen for me the second time because of the things he said to me/ the way he touched me made me realize hey this guys likes me. That's when my feelings started to develop. They grew stronger and stronger by weeks. You don't understand, I was/ or still am head over heels for this guy. I would list all the things I like about him but it's general and what every girl says about the guy she likes. When he ignores me, I feel like sh*t and angry. But when we make eye contact and smile at each other, or when he smiles and stares at me for a long time, I feel like he's the one. We text. We flirt alot. He asked me out more than once, called me cute, pretty, etc. recently we texted and he ofcourse flirted and showed even more interest which made me realize this guy really likes me, despide our age gap. But the more he's taking those steps to getting closer to me, the less I'm intersted. I find questioning myself If I really like him or did I fall for his looks and the way he talks to me? He's all I think about, its all him him and him but I seem to back up whenever I have him at the palm of my hand. But when I don't have him, it's like my husband is cheating on me.Why am I feeling this way? any advice would help :)
and sorry for any typos, its late here and I'm ready to go to bed


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  • It's human nature to want to be in control of things, and people tend to want things that are (or seem) unattainable. Has he ever asked you out? If not, there's still a sense of mystery, a sense of the unknown. As you get to know him better, you might like what you find out, or you might not. It's normal to feel a little confused or unsure of yourself; that's why it's best to take things slow. If he hasn't asked you out after a year, though, that's taking things quite a bit TOO slow.

    • he has, twice but not straight up.

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  • How can we correctly answer about that specific situation?

    And please put some goddamn paragraphs!


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  • Hmmm well if you are obsessed, you would choose the first chance he gave you and you may even be together right now. But you go back and forth and keep questioning yourself..In that case, you aren't really getting anywhere. So decide... do you truly like him and want to try it out? YEs? Then tell him that. Or no? Then leave it where it is and don't flirt back to make him think there may be a fighting chance.


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