Looking for female opinions: reassuring, supporting, and helping

So a girl _ friend of mine who I have been intimate with but we didn't really discuss the status of our relationship/friendship is stressing out a little bit because she's got a lot of work to do and also studying for a couple of exams.

I've read somewhere before (forget exactly where) that when a women expresses problems that they aren't looking for a solution from the man but it was more about lending a ear and even encouraging.

Ladies, is that true? Like if a guy asks you how you are doing and you're stressing out about some problem, what can the guy say or do to help?


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  • Usually if I am talking about stuff I just feel like venting. I rarely ever share any real problems with people so anything close to talking about a problem is just me venting...especially when it comes to school work.

    • Thanks.

      How would you want me to respond to your venting about school work? Because the alternative is not saying anything and that seems like I don't care when I do.

    • I don't know...I don't really ever expect a response.

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  • Well I would like to hear his opinion on the matter and some encouragement or reassurance.

    • Thanks for your input.

      My friend does not think of herself very highly intellectually but but I fully believe that she will be able to accomplish what she wants because she's a very determined person. I just told her that I knew that she can do it cause she was a smart girl but I get the feeling she doesn't believe it when I say that.

    • You're Welcome! I think it was great that you encouraged her and told her you believe in her. Yeah, she could have had an issue in school in the past that made her feel not so smart or maybe she doesn't feel as smart because she struggles more than others. She may not believe you, but it's still good that you said it.

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  • Listen to her problems and sympathize with her. This is what most women want. It can get frustrating for us guys because we're more of "tell us the problem and we'll perform action X to correct it". You can offer small things like "if you need a 15min break I'll buy you a coffee, just let me know" which are usually appreciated.

    • Thanks. Can you give me an example of sympathizing with her?

      I mean, in my head, I'm trying to figure out how to "solve" things for her but I know that is not what she wants nor needs.

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