Will a bald look look better on me ?

I am losing my hair. :-/ I tried everything I could to get my hair back, but in vain. The portion of the head without hair looks almost like patches due to the thinness in the upper portion of head.

I tried the bald look (I call it "the monk look"). But I observe one thing that no girl stares at me if I shave my head completely. And when I keep my hair growing, they look ugly.

Therefore, I think I will have to give up on girls of my choice :-(

Thank you for answering.
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Please check my profile picture. Does it suit on me ?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't like thin hair on guys. I love it bald though!

    So, it's either hair or no hair for me :)


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What Girls Said 3

  • I would say keep your hair because of your face shape. I don't think going completely bald would flatter you. But I have no problem with guys having the bald look if that's what suits them best

  • I think you look better with some hair.Not bald.

  • Honestly, I think it looks fine the way it is. If you are concerned about what other people think, maybe you should ask the woman who is to be yours... just a thought.


What Guys Said 3

  • Do you have a pic so we can judge?

    In my experience, women aren't necessarily turned off by the bald look. Some like it a lot, others don't. It's like everything really. Don't make the mistake of solely listen to the vocal ones against it.

    • My profile has some pictures

    • but you don't show any pics with a shaved head. Be wary of asking whether you should shave your head to people. In my experience most of the time there's an automatic response: no. There's a bit of a prejudice to it, most people don't understand it. They don't understand the issues you are experiencing, they'll just blindly tell you to grow it out. Also it's not really possible to judge how it'll look until you've done it. If you're from india it might be more difficult? It's less common there?

    • Don't automatically assume women don't like it. I still do well with women. But as I say, those against it usually are the most vocal (and most ignorant)

  • i think you look better bald

  • It's better than thinned hair mate, shave it off, grow a little stylish beard. My dad always told me that it's the hair on your face that needs to look the part!

    • Thank you for your answer +1

    • I've looked at your pics, I say you'd suit a beard. Your hair isn't to bad but you can see where it's starting to recede

      (and as for your body building pictures... don't be naive in thinking they've worked for years to get into that shape... steroids take effect quicker than you think)

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