Does this mean you are unattractive?

A gross guy that's totally not your type calls you a "10?"

Or they are clearly drooling over you? Call you "hot", or "cute?"

Then the cute guys don't seem to notice you at all? You've been called pretty by numerous other people, but you are invisible to the cute guys?

I'm going to be honest, when I look in the mirror I'm surprised that cute guys don't approach me. I dress well, I'm friendly, funny, etc.

It doesn't matter how much confidence I have, how much fun I'm having, or how big of a smile I have on my face, cute guys don't seem interested.


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  • If you are under 18 then wait for a year or two. This will change rapidly.

    And no ... this does not mean that you are unattractive. Ugly guys try this on models also (from time to time).

    • I can't wait to be done with these high school years, and just move on to college.

    • Don't ... enjoy those as well! Don't just skip them. People who did regret it later. Ask them.

      Rather find new friends now. Maybe out of you class ... some new people. You might fin out that it is very useful and good for your development, not mentioning fun!

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  • I get that sometimes too and then I realize there have been some cute guys who liked me... just the ones I noticed didn't, seems like there is more.

  • This happens to me and yes wait until you are 18, you start to develop!

  • Nope.

    -M.C Muffin

  • nothing on this site matters. geeky guys call any girl with a vagina and isn't missing teeth or an eye a 10


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