A haircut that would look good on me

I usually get a 1 on the sides 3 on the top edge up but I'm getting bored of it, what's a haircut that you think would look good on me?


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  • In my opinion you look cute like that, but if you want maybe you can get like three lines on each side of the head

    Maybe like this link

    • that's really quite hideous! Just shows there is no accounting for taste!

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    • Thank you I know! :)

    • Calm down.

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  • I think you should grow it out. Than you can style it more.

  • If that's you in that picture, you look fine like that. Just my opinion though..

    • Yes it's me, and I'm kind of bored of it and I'm looking for something new, but thank you.

  • Let it grow a little!


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  • not a great judge, and I'm a guy (go with the girls' consensus; always a good idea :)) but how long is it. have you tried a 4 or 5? That way you could style it if you wanted.

    I started cutting my own hair recently (i'm in college and the savings add up) and have used a 4 all over (1/2 inch, maybe longer, I can't remember.) and been pretty pleased with it. I used to have it longer, but I like it shorter. Plus it's hot (temperature, that is.)

    The most important thing though, is, what do YOU want. It is your hair after all. Just do something you know you will like/won't mind having for awhile.

    • I was thinking a 2 all over edge up, if you don't know what an edge up is it's like where it's all squared off at the front, so the hairline is a square, bad thing is I can't cut it myself because of the square-cut.

    • so, basically, shorter all over (though technically longer on the sides.)

      Yeah, edge up seems to suit you; I wasn't saying you should cut your own hair, and I could see how doing edge up yourself could be tricky.

      If you're looking for something more different than what you have now (bigger change) you might try growing it out more like some of the ladies suggested. Again though, it's your hair.

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