He looked at me whilst kissing another girl?

I see a guy around all the time when we're out at night, he's friends with one of my friends and you know when you look at someone and they are looking back, that eye contact, so I know he has noticed me. It always happens. I always seem to come across him.. probably just a coincidence but anyway, on the last night of term he was with our mutual friend and he said sorry for their friend standing on my foot when we were dancing. 've never spoken to him, just had that eye contact and smiles, he touched my waist etc and said sorry but he got dead close because the music was loud.

Then, he was dancing near me and started dancing with a girl, who wasn't very hot at all, kissed her then looked at me and smirked. I'm going with a new approach this term - date like a guy. So, if he's playing mind games from afar, how can I step up mine?


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  • he was trying to make you jealous right?

    you could play a little hard to get. Make yourself a bit unavailable sometimes. Flirt with other guys, and sometimes giggle/look at him out of the corner of your eye. If you have really really good guy friends that just want to be friends with you, get them to help you.

    if he texts you, end it first. Make him wait for you to reply, rather then the other way around. Say your going out to hang with a few guy friends as an excuse while your talking on the phone/texting. Show that you have a life of your own and that your not placing him as your #1 priority in life..that's the mean thing.

    don't kepe up the games too long, someone either you or him might loose interest/give up.


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